A New Death (Savannah’s Only Zombie Novel) (Savannah’s Only Zombie Novel Series Book 1)

A New Death (Savannah’s Only Zombie Novel) (Savannah’s Only Zombie Novel Series Book 1)

What people are saying about the first book in the Savannah Zombie Novel Series on Amazon:

"surprisingly upbeat for a zombie apocalypse novel"

"one of the better books I've read in awhile!"

"Josh Vasquez obviously found his calling in writing a zombie novel"

Jeremy Riggins is a guy who seems to be going nowhere fast. Nineteen, a college dropout, and working as grocery clerk just to help his mom make ends meet, things never seem to go his way. Not to mention the frustrating relationship with his father, who lives a life of luxury not too far away.

Life couldn't seem to get any harder. At least it seemed that way before the zombie apocalypse flooded into Savannah, Georgia.

Follow Jeremy as he fights to survive his escape from Savannah, Georgia, as he searches for family, and fights off the undead horde. Could his mother's religion be right? Is this the end? Does he have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?

In the first book of this zombie apocalypse series, the author mixes zombie humor with action horror that will give you something to kill the time with until the next season of The Walking Dead! Written as a love letter to the zombie genre, any undead enthusiast will find something to enjoy in this zombie thriller!

Check out the free zombie ebook A New Death: CJ's Story that takes place alongside the main novel!

Contains: Strong Language, Zombie Violence, Some Sexual Situations, Drug and Alcohol Use


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