A Shade of Kiev 3

A Shade of Kiev 3

The greatly anticipated conclusion to Kiev's stand-alone trilogy, from million-bestselling author Bella Forrest!

  • After all that's happened, I thought I was past being surprised by Mona.  *

  • But standing here by the lake, I realize I've barely scratched the surface. *Her soul is blacker than I could have imagined. 


  • I thought I sought redemption. *


  • But now, I wonder if this darkness is what attracted me to her all along...*


  • Matteo's words ring in my ears: "O*f creatures who inhabit the darkness, there are two types. Those who revel in it, and those who fight to escape it."

  • Which am I? Or which do I choose to be? *

Click the buy button now to find out... 

BEWARE OF SPOILERS IN THE REVIEWS BELOW that are without spoilers alerts!**


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