Accidental Gods

Accidental Gods

What would happen if humans discovered a way to create a whole new universe? Find out in this scientific thriller, Accidental Gods.

After years of research and countless failures, a team of scientists and physicists at the Institute for Computational Physics (ICP) has finally achieved the ultimate feat for humanity: developing a supercomputer powerful enough to recreate the Big Bang.

As galaxies, planets, moons, stars, and solar systems form before their eyes, the team find themselves grappling with the theological implications behind this new creation of life.

Soon they’re bombarded by attention from the media, religious fanatics, and rival scientists, despite ICP’s attempt at keeping the new development under wraps. As more details of the experiment come to life, it raises questions of the extent of the team’s responsibility for the alternate universe they have created, as well as questions about the details of their own reality.

Ultimately, readers are swept along in this thrilling high-tech adventure into a simulated universe where a primitive society is just beginning to emerge—complete with language, buildings, and human sacrifice in an attempt to earn the goodwill of those who rule over their world…the ICP team.


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