Almost My Prince

Almost My Prince

Tabloids proclaim Sassandra “Sass” Wellborn has tamed The Playboy Prince from Maravista, a country between Italy and the French Riviera, near Monaco. That soon, she’ll “trade in her American passport to reign as the future Queen of Maravista.”


Sass knows the truth behind this tabloid tangle. It’s all a series of mix-ups caught on camera between her and the Crown Prince, and perhaps her slap, his wink, and a fashion doll—yes, a doll.

The prince, however, insists Sass belongs with him in Maravista. But Sass has law school in her future, if she can keep these tabloid rumors from ruining her chances.

But when Sass accepts a temporary job teaching Fashion Doll Design in Maravista, she somehow stirs up another royal rivalry between her new boss and the prince.

How will she handle these two men without causing even more scandal? Worse, the longer Sass stays in Maravista, the more she *almost* wants a prince after all.

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