Angel’s Ransom

Angel’s Ransom

Freddy Farr, a weak-willed American playboy, is in Monaco, and his yacht, the Angel, commanded by Blake - almost the only man he trusts - is anchored in the harbor. Among Freddy’s guests are Valentina, a beautiful Polish blonde, and Bruno and Laura di Lucca. A girl called Marian gets aboard the Angel by a trick and after her comes Holtz, a killer with a fixed determination to get a fortune from Freddy. At the point of Holtz’s gun Blake is forced to take the Angel to sea.

What happened then is David Dodge’s story, urgent with breathless incident and terse, realistic dialogue, against the ‘hiss of wind-driven rain and the roar of waves riding hard on the sea-wall’. It is as tense and exciting as To Catch a Thief, the best-selling novel which had the same Riviera setting.

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