Arm of Galemar (Chronicles of the Crimson Kings Book 2)

Arm of Galemar (Chronicles of the Crimson Kings Book 2)

After two years of searching, Colbey believes he finally has his enemies within his sight. Rumors of invaders spreading chaos and discord throughout Tullainia, of strange soldiers in black armor accompanied by ferocious monsters, spur him to penetrate that kingdom's territory. He must use all his stealth skills to move amidst his enemies and learn what secret magics and motives they possess.

And he must do it alone, for Marik is tasked with another duty. Having been assigned to bodyguard a son of the nobility during the tri-annual 'Arm of Galemar' tournament, Marik must travel to the capitol city. It seems an easy enough contract even for a rookie mercenary...until a band of assassins begin targeting his charge! In the most crowded city in the kingdom, on battlegrounds unlike any he has ever trod, he must protect his charge from swords, magic, deceit and intrigue!

The long-held peace of Galemar has been shattered, and new shades of war reach closer to it every day. Marik's quest to find his missing father continues to take unexpected turns, and he is left to wonder if he can survive long enough to see it through. Working as a mercenary is becoming more dangerous by the day!

Volume Two in the epic Chronicles of the Crimson Kings Trilogy begins now!

The Chronicles of the Crimson Kings trilogy is the first series set in the world of Folcrist. In Folcrist, there exist multiple systems of magic, dozens of different types of magic users ranging from wizards to mages to sorcerers to geomancers, lands unexplored and lands long forgotten. It is a world where no two kingdoms are the same, and anything might happen. The Eternal Twelve, six paired gods and goddesses, watch over Folcrist, but most of them chose long ago to restrict their influence to indirect measures.

In the wake of the war against their neighbor, the forested kingdom of Galemar is anything but serene. Their army has been dealt a heavy blow, and refugees from their other neighbor are streaming over the border in a near exodus. Food is growing scarce, banditry is on the rise, and civil unrest might be just around the corner.

To counter this, the ruling lords try to distract the populace by holding the largest tournament in anyone's memory. The contest, held every three years, selects a preeminent warrior to serve as the king's right hand. This warrior, known as the Arm, has snatched victory from certain defeat, toppled overwhelming odds, and prevented the collapse of the kingdom in years past.

In years past...

But following a century of peace, the tournament and its namesake have grown soft. Working fighters like Marik see it as little more than an overblown festival. Yet it is his job to escort a son of the nobility, Hilliard Garroway, to and back in safety. With Dietrik ever at his side, accompanied by Landon and Kerwin, Marik feels confident that this will be his easiest mercenary contract yet.

Little does he know that his charge's life might be in imminent peril. Rumors surface that in an effort to dissuade the Duke of Spirratta from his efforts at stamping out criminals, at least one of the dark guilds has sent assassins to track the Duke's fosterlings. Marik is left to wonder if Hilliard's life is truly in danger, or if the whole threat is nothing more than smoke and his nervous imagination.

While a skilled tracker like Colbey would be invaluable, Marik can't ask his advice, for the Guardian has left the kingdom to penetrate Tullainia. Following rumors gathered from the fleeing refugees, Colbey seeks to learn if the invaders wreaking havoc in Tullainia are the same mysterious strangers who destroyed his village. It requires all his skill just to reach the seized lands and avoid being discovered by patrolling monsters.

And if that weren't challenge enough, Colbey has another problem plaguing he hasn't even recognized.


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