Ask Me Again 3 (Second Chance)

Ask Me Again 3 (Second Chance)

When David McRay loves, he loves hard. He has done some deceiving things in life all in the name of love. His actions cost him and he is proving himself to be a better man so that he can face the man in the mirror without shame or regret. He had given up on love and his womanizer ways-until the beautiful, angelic and sexy Madelyn Stowe swished unexpectedly into his life and opened up a part of his heart and soul that has never been touched by any other.

Madelyn Stowe is a young woman who knows plenty about hurt and devastating loss. She knows what it is to be lonely with no one to depend on but herself. She had sworn off men until David McRay swept into her life and swept her off her feet. She thought she knew about love, but David McRay proved different. She had never known true heart-stopping, soul-searing love…until him.

Two broken spirits meet and find their way into each other's heart, intertwining with divine passion that builds a path to a long-lasting, forever kind of love.


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