Beyond the Hanging Wall

Beyond the Hanging Wall

From Publishers Weekly

In this stand-alone high fantasy set in the same universe as her Wayfarer Redemption series (Enchanter, etc.), Australian Douglass fashions a promising milieu of elemental Gnostic magic within a rugged coastal setting. Unfortunately, stock characters wending their way down standard plot-lines to a foregone conclusion obscure her world-building. Garth Baxtor, an apprentice healer who's inherited an extra helping of "the Touch" (the ability to feel-and, to some degree, alleviate-his patients' pain), journeys to the Veins, a complex of underground mines. While tending condemned workers in the shafts, Garth happens upon prisoner 859, whom Garth's Touch reveals to be Prince Maximilian, the missing heir to the throne of Escator. Later, in the Land of Dreams, Garth has a conversation with the ancient heraldic beast of Escator, the droll monster Manteceros, who agrees to confirm the identity of the true king if Garth can rescue prisoner 859 from the Veins and have him challenge the vile pretender, King Cavos. In an overly complicated finale Manteceros administers a moral test of worthiness to the two kingly claimants. Maximilian's near-instantaneous transformation after 17 years' hard labor from broken-minded wretch to dashing, lighthearted prince strains credibility, while a spate of hand-waving mystical exposition at book's end does more to confuse than resolve the story. Still, the atmosphere of maritime magic is diverting, and, for fans of the author's Redemption books, this may be enough.
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Fourteen-year-old Garth and his father are healers gifted with "the Touch." Because the physicians of Escator are required to spend three weeks each year ministering to the prisoners confined in the dank, underground mine called the Veins, Garth's father brings his son, still an apprentice, along when he goes to fulfill his obligation. Using his own powers to heal, Garth senses the king's mark on a prisoner and suspects that beneath layers of dirt lies the young prince who disappeared 17 years ago and had been presumed dead. Aided by a marsh witch, a mythical creature, an order of monks, and his own courage, Garth sets out to rescue the prince and restore him to his kingdom. Australian Douglass' latest American release is packed with sympathetic characters and heroic challenges. Lacking the violence and sex of Douglass' Hades Daughter [BKL Ja 1 & 15 03], this is a rousing fantasy for all ages. Candace Smith
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