Blades of the Tiger

Blades of the Tiger
Taladas. Many tales have been told of Krynn. Tales of warfare and ambition, darkness and light, and magic and danger. But these tales are only half of the world’s story. For Ansalon, the land of Solamnic Knights and Dragon Highlords, draconians, kender, and gully dwarves, is but one part of Krynn, one small continent on a much larger planet. There are other lands besides Ansalon. A place known only in legend and rumor, Taladas boasts its own unique geography, history, and culture. It lies on the far side of Krynn, thousands of leagues from Ansalon’s shores. Here warlike barbarians ride over endless plains, armies of men and minotaurs battle the hordes of the undead, and elves who lost their homes long ago fight to keep their new holdings safe. Here an ancient evil, slumbering for centuries, has begun to stir again. Legend and rumor… until now. Presenting the first Dragonlance tale to be told in Taladas, written by Chris Pierson, the author of previous best-selling novels set in the fantasy world of Krynn, including Spirit of the Wind, Dezra’s Quest, and, most recently, the Kingpriest Trilogy.
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