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This awkward middle volume, the second installment of Ruckley's Godless World trilogy (after 2007's acclaimed Winterbirth), lacks the thematic impact and emotional intensity of its predecessor. As the armies of the Black Road, a fatalistic religious movement revolving around a creed of predestination, descend from their northern exile, the quarrelsome leaders of the True Blood clans must join forces or die, but supernatural forces beyond their understanding are playing with their destiny. Multiple plot threads featuring dozens of integral characters bog down the pacing considerably, creating a narrative that, like the unwieldy and poorly led True Blood army, becomes a lethargic thing emanating resentment and reluctance. New readers will be utterly lost and fans left impatient for book three. (June)
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The latest addition to one of the durable institutions of modern fantasy, McKiernan’s Mithgar saga, is a quest yarn in which a warrior, his true love, and a stalwart band of men and dwarves set off to find the legendary City of Jade and its lost magic. They encounter more than enough perils, of which enough of the magical sort are pretty original. Apparently a stand-alone story, the book is an unexpectedly good introduction to McKiernan and Mithgar, as well as a solid treat for long-haul fans. --Roland Green

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