Born in Twilight: Twilight Vows

Born in Twilight: Twilight Vows
Book 4 in Maggie Shayne’s Bestselling Wings in the Night SeriesThey Said It Couldn't Happen, but They Were Wrong.Jameson Bryant found her in an abandoned building, half-starved, her face chalk-white yet strikingly beautiful. He knew what she was, but he couldn't resist the power of her violet eyes. Even her warning to stay away only served to draw him closer.But it was too late and had been from the first moment he saw her. With one parting of her lips, the hungry creature of the night took him, body, heart and soul... Nine months later, their tiny dark angel was twilight.Enjoy the special bonus novella "Twilight Vows."Rachel Sullivan was Donovan O'Roark's willing captive, drawn to him by her desire to learn his secrets. Would her curiosity be her salvation or her undoing?Don’t miss a single title in Maggie Shayne’s Wings in the Night series:Twilight PhantasiesTwilight MemoriesTwilight Illusions, with bonus novella “Beyond Twilight”Born in Twilight, with bonus novella “Twilight Vows”Twilight HungerEmbrace the Twilight, with bonus novella “Run from Twilight”Edge of Twilight Blue Twilight, with bonus novella “Before Blue Twilight”Prince of TwilightDemon’s KissLover’s BiteAngel’s PainBloodline, with bonus novella “Vampires in Paradise”Twilight ProphecyTwilight Fulfilled
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