*I thought I had been abandoned into a world that despises my kind. Instead, today I find myself trapped in the center of a hidden war thought long ended; a bloody underground guerilla war between an oppressed psychic minority and violent government fanatics utterly opposed to my kind. Now I’m constantly on the run from those looking to kill me, searching for family I never knew existed in a world where morality is more black than white. * Set in the near future of an alternative world where those children born psychic are feared, abandoned and worse, Eve discovers she is different even to those psychic minority, as feared and hated within the psychic community, as she wears decades of historical blame based on barely remembered factional hatred. From the moment the first trigger is pulled, Crimson is an unrelenting exploration how in the face of pure evil, of black morality, the good guys aren’t always pure white. And any moment Eve tries to catch her breath she is quickly interrupted as she's driven toward the end.


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