"Cursefell is one of the most original, unique stories I've ever read." - best selling author Katie Jennings Not every tale is a fairy tale... A year after following her mother to the isolated town of Stonecrest, teenaged Thera Currey is still too shattered to completely let go the grief of loss. She didn't think her life could uncoil much further when, during a boating accident, Thera gazes into the depths of the ocean, as dark and fathomless as the hole in her heart, and finds something looking back. Savagely attacked by a monstrous sea creature that should not exist forces Thera to search for answers to the secret of a curse she does not even know she carries. The closer she gets to the truth about herself the nearer danger falls for all those she cares about. She is both the beacon of hope and the shadow of despair to those who harbor her secret. If she wants to save herself and those closest to her, Thera will have to balance the scales of who she is against who she will become and life versus love. "Wow! What a read! I am a huge fan of 'Atlantis' and the 'Percy Jackson' books, and this book was pretty much level pegging with them!" Rebecca, Goodreads Review Cursefell is the first book in the exciting new Venom Borne series from award winning writer C.V. Dreesman. It the beginning to an entertaining unique tale full of mystery, action and adventure, humanity and mythology, with a dose of magic and fantasy set in the modern day world.


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