Fallen Victors

Fallen Victors

Unjustly discharged, General Alocar rots in retirement. Torn by conscience, betrayed by duty, a formidable choice awaits him. Blackmailed into a mission. A violent mercenary duo, Slate swaggers through life armed with apathy, his only weakness Teacher, a devoted but broken companion. They’re facing a religion with a warped agenda. A pawn in a political game, Crymson is a priestess fallen from grace. Wanting only to be empowered, needing to be free, she refuses to settle. Alongside a monarchy with a secret. Delivered from a voiceless existence, craving belonging, Isaac is a living weapon hiding a magical secret. A secret that could damn them or save them. And they have to stop both of them. Divided in knowledge and nature, twisted by kind, Angras manipulates the others against their will. Deceit in the shadows, deceit in the mind. Or die trying.


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