SUMMARY: Helsinki, December 1999. Nick Stone, Ex-Sas, Now A K Working For British Intelligence On Deniable Operations, Is Tough, Resourceful, Ruthless, Highly Trained And Desperately In Need Of Cash...Offered The Lucrative Freelance Job Of Kidnapping A Mafia Warlord And Delivering Him To St Petersburg, It Seems To Stone That His Problems Are Over. In Fact, They Are Only Just Beginning.Stone Enters The Bleak Underworld Of The Former Soviet Republic Of Estonia, Where Unknown Aggressors Stalk The Bitter Landscape, And He Soon Finds Himself Caught Between Implacable Enemies. For Russia Has Embarked Upon A Concerted Cyber-Espionage Offensive, Hacking Into Some Of The West S Most Sensitive Military Secrets. American And British Intelligence Agencies Are Determined To Thwart Them. And The Mafia Are Waiting In The Wings With Their Own Chillingly Brutal Solution...
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