Forest for the Trees (Chronicles of the Crimson Kings Book 3)

Forest for the Trees (Chronicles of the Crimson Kings Book 3)

The invading forces of Arronath have penetrated the border of the forested kingdom of Galemar at last. Even with their command in disarray following the battle at the base of the Stoneseam Mountains, the black armored soldiers and their monstrous Taurs are more than enough threat to any local army. Unfortunately, local armies are in short supply at the moment...

Torrance, the commander of the Crimson Kings Mercenary Band, once warned Marik that he was developing a reputation among the upper classes. Following his role in the first battle against the invading Arronaths, Marik realizes just what that means. With no real military forces available, King Raymond decides to leave the problem to Marik and see what happens.

The title of Crown General is not one Marik ever sought, but now that he has it, he must figure out how to cope with invading armies, titanic magics, fearsome monsters and the shadowy figure behind it all, for the dark cardinal Xenos is finally entering the battlefield!

The final volume of the epic Chronicles of the Crimson Kings trilogy begins now!

The Chronicles of the Crimson Kings trilogy is the first series set in the world of Folcrist. In Folcrist, there exist multiple systems of magic, dozens of different types of magic users ranging from wizards to mages to sorcerers to geomancers, lands unexplored and lands long forgotten. It is a world where no two kingdoms are the same, and anything might happen. The Eternal Twelve, six paired gods and goddesses, watch over Folcrist, but most of them chose long ago to restrict their influence to indirect measures.

In the wake of the unexpected battle on the edge of Rovasii Forest, the command of the overextended Arronathian Armed Forces has been left in disarray. General Adrian is swept up in the ranks of those taken as prisoners of war, and left to wonder at how events could have led to the current situation. He, along with many of his captured soldiers, are escorted northeast toward the capitol under the leadership of the Arm of Galemar.

But though the Arm leads the party, it is to the mercenaries that guard duty ultimately falls. By the time they reach their destination, Marik is well pleased to see the back of them. Well pleased, but still not happy, for he has received a summons from Chief Mage Celerity to attend the palace immediately upon his arrival.

He is not left long to wonder why. It seems the unconventional threat posed by the Arronaths is too far removed from the norm for Galemar's traditionally trained military advisers to adapt to. King Raymond has recognized this fact, and seeks the unorthodox abilities of the much talked about mercenary Marik to find a solution. The Knight-Marshal is infuriated by the decision, the prisoners of war don't even speak a language anyone recognizes, and the court's enclave of magic users have little use for a walk-in who thinks he is in charge. How does one prepare to face an enemy when one's allies are already just as hostile?

And as if Marik did not already have too much to deal with, his quest to find his father takes an unexpected turn when he suddenly ends up face to face with the Red Man himself!

Elsewhere, the dark cardinal Xenos is hurrying to cross the vast ocean and return to the continent of Merinor. His designs on the sealed power of Colbey's village are racing toward their conclusion, helped along by every death Xenos can engineer along the way. Indeed, if he has his way, an unrestrained slaughter of war on the edge of the forest will empower his magic mightily and ensure his cause's victory. Nothing can stop him, and every effort to do so only makes him stronger.

The final battle is set to rage within the towering trees of the Rovasii!


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