God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlepig

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlepig

"Oh, ho, ho!" the demon Chickenleg said, sounding like your drunk uncle trying to get you to laugh at a dirty joke. "Oh, ho! You'll love this one, Dollar!"

Bobby Dollar, Advocate Angel and perpetual thorn in the side of Heaven, is about to save the holidays for a very special someone. Or somewolf. Or maybe even some pig... Bobby is summoned on Christmas Eve to do his part in the heavenly judgement of a man who is not prepared to go lightly. You see, the family of the gentleman in question are victims of Nazi war crimes, and the crimes are still occurring - in fact, the worst is yet to come. With special dispensation from an Angelic Judge named Ambriel, Bobby Dollar has until Christmas Morning to right some serious wrongs and bring some justice (and a little seasonal cheer) into a rotten world...

Praise for the Bobby Dollar novels:

Sleeping Late on Judgement Day (Bobby Dollar 3)

'The book is flawlessly paced, and incredibly dynamic. It's an experience and an adventure and a very satisfying end to a trilogy I never wanted to end.' Bookworm Blues

'I've been waiting for months, but the wait was so worth it! Tad Williams is back with my boy Bobby Dollar, in the third installment of this crazy, dark, sometimes painfully hilarious series... Who doesn't love a really bad angel?' Best in Fantasy

Happy Hour In Hell (Bobby Dollar 2)

'Delicious, crunchy, Hellish fun... Bobby's odyssey makes for a compelling, page-turning experience, chock-full of visceral sights and sensory overload' Tor.com

'An amazing, disturbing, thought-provoking depiction of Hell... worldbuilding at its most intense' SF Signal

The Dirty Streets of Heaven (Bobby Dollar 1)

'A noir fantasy series with a dark and thrilling story of Heaven and Hell battling for human souls. Exhilarating action, fascinating characters, and high stakes' Publishers Weekly (starred review)

'Snarky, fast-paced and above all original' Patrick Rothfuss

'Dollar is every bit as morally ambiguous a first-person narrator as anything found in Chandler or Hammett, and his quest for the truth uncovers lies and deception, in heaven and hell, that propel the headlong plot towards a fascinating conclusion.' The Guardian  

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