He Who Dares: Book Two (The Gray Chronicals 2)

He Who Dares: Book Two (The Gray Chronicals 2)

For Mike Gray, his life continues to be series of mysteries and unanswered question. Even the man who raised him, his paternal grandfather, was a question mark. Beyond the love, understanding, and nurturing lay the unanswered question of why a disgraced ex-Royal Naval Admiral would pulled himself out of a bottle and take upon himself to bring a child home as raise him as his own. The death of his one grandfather still haunts him, and even after confronting the head of the Tregallion clan, so many question remained unanswered. Mike battled his way across the stars, looking for answered, swearing to protect the lives of the men and woman under his command and just do his duty. Fate and destiny had other ideas, plunging him into one situation after the other where he had to take command, and decide the fate of others. With war on the horizon, and the future of the free stars hanging in the balance, Mike reluctantly accepted his destiny, and the part he must play. For better or worse, he would find the answered to his question, and make those responsible pay a terrible price.


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