In the Presence of My Enemies

In the Presence of My Enemies

With a war against the Meltranians a forgone conclusion, the Unified Collaboration of Systems has agreed to a temporary truce with their once-hated enemies, the Kafarans.

But, with both sides dangerously short on manpower and vessels, one more ally is required before the new threat can be pushed back into The Darkness a nearly lifeless void of space on the far side of the Kafaran Empire.

Under direct orders from the Unified Council, and with no official backup to support him, newly promoted Commander Shawn Kestrel must ferry a brash yet charismatic Unified ambassador to Rugor, a planetary system governed by the same ruthless pirates that have plundering the sector for years. Making matters even worse, and Shawn s mission all the less enjoyable, is a high-ranking Kafaran officer who has also been dispatched with the small team--a Colonel with a particular dislike of Sector Command and all they stand for.

Finding himself at odds with every turn their mission takes them, and with uncertainty looming around every corner, Shawn must learn to put the past behind him in order to ensure that humanity has a future.


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