Kingdom of Lies

Kingdom of Lies

Tarr is a former slave from the Quatz kingdom. She has formed a community named Blood Knot but called Cult of the Damned because of the terrible power their leader wields. Tarr has the death touch. Anyone she touches dies. She can be touched by another but she can't touch them in return. Blood Knot wants revenge from the other kingdoms who enslaved or abandoned them. The realm is called Alara and it has four main kingdoms. Quats Kingdom, Firara Kingdom, Evinara Kingdom and Sluvic Kingdom. Quatz is very bloodthirsty and bullies Firara and Evinara. Sluvic is poor and gives young healthy children to Quatz for slavery in exchange for freedom. King Dakk only cares about securing the kingdom and will sacrifice anything to do so. Firara is a peaceful kingdom who mainly deals in agriculture. But their magicians protect them well and they absolutely refuse to participate in barbarity of slavery or war (latter will be done if necessary). But they are tricky and believe fooling others is okay and acting for the greater good. Evinara is ruled by a king and queen and their motives are unclear. Each try to control their kingdom. Tarr wants to tear it all down.


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