Let Me Heal Your Heart

Let Me Heal Your Heart

Lily Foster's latest sweet, sexy new adult romance

One hockey phenom, destined for the pros.
One summer he'll never forget.
One girl he will never stop loving...

First loves are not easily forgotten…
Anna has endured more by the age of eighteen than most do in a lifetime. Unless you know her, you see only the beautiful, privileged, bright college freshman who seems to have it all. Few people know what she’s gone through or know who she really is.
Declan has never forgotten Anna and feels foolish for it. So young, and their time together so brief, but he still can’t shake the feeling that she was meant for him—that she’s the only one who’s ever really understood him. But Anna’s been gone for a long time now. She’s no more than a distant, painful memory.
Fate can be cruel or fate can be kind…
By the time Anna and Declan come face to face again, time has passed, grief has changed them both and they’ve each found love and solace in someone else’s arms.
Has too much time passed, or are the bonds of our first true love as strong as they feel when we’re young, innocent, and consumed with the promise of forever?

Let Me Heal Your Heart is Book 4 in Lily Foster’s Let Me series. The books are inter-connected, stand-alone romances.


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