Midnight Curse (Midnight Trilogy Book 2)

Midnight Curse (Midnight Trilogy Book 2)

Angel Tala is young hunter living in the wild swamps of Georgia who faces more than just a swamp full of wild things. Angel has made the fatal mistake of standing in the way of a jealous werewolf and the one thing she truly wants. Now Angel must make the hardest decision ever, so she can fight to correct that mistake from beyond the realm of the living. Will she choose to stay on earth and battle a supernatural creature who has already killed her once, or move on and leave behind everything she has ever known, including the man who chose her? If she chooses to stay, she will be banished from her home and have to battle the werewolf all over again, and she didn't do so great the first time. Will Angel choose life, love, and destiny or throw it all away?


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