Money & Love Don’t Mix

Money & Love Don’t Mix

Surviving in the streets of Atlanta is hard. But when you have a bad chick by your side, it gets easier. After being convicted of armed robbery as teenagers and sentenced to ten years behind the wall, Trouble and his closest friends, Maniac, Slick, Smoke and Dre, are released back into society with BIG dreams of becoming rich and living the life. However, after serving an entire decade, Trouble learned to appreciate life itself and decides to go at it from a different angle…choosing to be legit. But while in the midst of doing so, he has a load of pressure that is too heavy to hold, which causes him to fall victim to the streets. After he is forced to take a journey back down memory lane, he bumps into an old friend and she tries to change his life forever... Miranda is the ultimate rider and she won’t stop at anything to do what is needed to be done for her man. Trouble wants to let go of everything and spend the rest of his life with Miranda but he has some tough decisions to make. Will he fall victim to what his friends and the wicked streets of Atlanta have to offer? Or, will he decide to pursue a new relationship with an old flame? "Money and Love Don't Mix" is a page turner full of suspense, greed, envy, money, desire, revenge and unforgettable friends who’ll risk it all for their dreams and for one another...


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