Muffy Morrigan

Muffy Morrigan

Being Custodes Noctis, a Keeper of the Night, is an honor reserved for those of ancient bloodlines chosen and trained to protect the world from the evil that even the dark fears. The job is full of deadly perils and serving Custodes Noctis are linked to their brother by a psychic bond, one that lets them survive or leads to their death.

What happens when a fledgling Custodes Noctis must face the world alone? When the memory of his brother's death by his own haunts him, and his Gifts as a Keeper are out of control? With his past firmly in view, Rob Emrys sets out on the journey dictated by an ancient prophecy, one he is determined to see come to pass.

Short Story, prequel to The Legacy, A portion of the proceeds of the sale will got to Gastroparesis Awareness and Research


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