Neripha: The Blood Moon Trial (Part 1)

Neripha: The Blood Moon Trial (Part 1)

This book is Part 1 of Neripha: The Blood Moon Trial. This is a complex, epic fantasy story that reveals characters' truest forms in a difficult time of the world of Neripha.

A grudge dating back 3 millennia is smoldering at the border between Sarum, a kingdom with impenetrable walls, and Rogath, a powerful military empire of the north. The Rogathian empress contemplates a feat never achieved by any ruler in the world: to unite the entire Ippa continent. Her ambition sets out from first conquering her much desired Sarum.

Sarum rumbles with what will soon become a bloodbath as princes fight to become the royal heir. The fickle king of Sarum is oblivious to the nooses tightening around his neck, struggling to restore his rapidly waning power. Twisted love, broken loyalty, and clashing ideologies unveil the dark secrets of those he trusts.


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