Not My Mother’s Footsteps

Not My Mother’s Footsteps

What if you were told all of your life that you would never amount to anything? How would your life be if you were told that you would only follow in your mother’s bad footsteps?

Well, that’s what happens to Phoenix Underwood, but she dares to be different. Every day she is hit with many obstacles, and it is becoming harder and harder for her to do the right thing. While dealing with overdue bills and unemployment and having barely any food and a car that breaks down every other day, Phoenix meets Geno. Geno is a bad man that seems good because he comes at a bad time in her life and offers her everything she needs...and more. Caught up in the moment, Phoenix forgets that everything that glitters ain't gold.

Take a ride with Phoenix to see if she can overcome the obstacle placed in her way, or will she crack under pressure, take the easy way out, and follow in her mother’s footsteps.


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