Object of Your Love: Stories

Object of Your Love: Stories

Dorothy Speak is a writer of unmistakable storytelling powers; a mesmerizing conjurer of the human heart. In these nine diamond-hard stories she writes with insight and honesty about women in love and the choices they must make when they find themselves loving what they cannot have.


From the Publisher

"There is a wonderful new short story writer called Dorothy Speak. Have you caught up with Dorothy Speak?" --Margaret Atwood

"[Speak's] stories are like windows breaking in another room....[They] burst at their steely seams." --The Los Angeles Times

"Powerful, indelible tales." --Time Out New York

"Riveting...this outstanding debut reveals the private world of women's hearts...[Speak's] prose is spare, sharp and intense." --Redbook

"One of the most readable and compelling works of fiction published this year." - Toronto Star

"One of the finest story collections I have read in years. Dorothy Speak can run with the best storytellers: Alice Munro, Ellen Gilchrist, Alice Adams, Joyce Carol Oates, Jayne Anne Phillips." --W.P. Kinsella, author of Shoeless Joe

"Forthright and pure... Very little is conveyed through implication in Object of Your Love. The truth, however audacious, is on the table." --Toronto Globe and Mail

"Dorothy Speak's entrance into the world of Canadian Literature is as auspicious as was that of Alice Munro." --The Calgary Herald

"The mature work of an imaginative and insightful writer at the top of her form. Don't miss it." --The Canadian Forum

"Each and every one of these stories grabs your attention and doesn't let go until the last word." --Timothy Findley, author of The Piano Man's Daughter

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