Over the Barrel

Over the Barrel

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Blair Farbor is no stranger to trouble. Shamefully expelled from The Academy for Young Ladies in Philadelphia, she is sent to live with her grandfather in the Colorado Territories. She is secretly thrilled by the adventure and cannot wait to begin a new life among gold miners, cattle ranchers, and peaceful Indians. Blair boards the steam train and begins a journey that she is sure will change her life forever, in so many wonderful ways.

But things quickly go awry. A woman traveling alone is a magnet for trouble, and she is only narrowly saved from assault when a Texas Ranger happens to board the train in the nick of time. Sloan reveals that he is conducting a shocking investigation into serial murders of ladies of the evening. He also announces that he intends on accompanying Blair to their mutual destination, since she is without a proper escort.

The last thing Blair is interested in is a stuffy old guardian, as she wants nothing more on this journey than to experience the fun side of life - adventures denied a proper young lady in Philadelphia. However, after the train leaves the station, carrying off all their personal belongings, she reluctantly accepts his help after finding herself and Sloan stranded in St. Louis, MO. With limited funds, the two face additional months of travel to reach Manitou Springs.

Sloan's patience grows short as Blair defies him repeatedly. Determined to steer her in the right direction, Sloan introduces her to a very old- fashioned way of breaking bad habits: bare- bottomed spankings.

But, who is Sloan, really, and why was he there? Was it simple chance that he boarded the train at just the right moment? Or is the trouble that started in Philadelphia following Blair all the way to Colorado?


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