PSIONIC Book Three: Lesser Gods

PSIONIC Book Three: Lesser Gods

A telekinetic teenager. A telepathic child. A psionic war.

Despite his newfound standing in the Guardian faction, psionic destroyer Adrian Howell never imagined himself joining the Knights for actual combat missions. He would have preferred to live in peace, but the psionic war takes no one's preferences into account. And much to his own surprise, Adrian finds himself beginning to enjoy the thrill of the chase--until something goes drastically wrong. Now, even as the Guardians prepare for a major showdown against their primary enemy faction, Adrian finds himself trapped in a world of darkness that is slowly poisoning his heart and mind... drawing him ever closer to becoming the very monster he had set out to kill.

Lesser Gods is the third book of Adrian Howell's Psionic Pentalogy: a supernatural adventure series with psychic children, teens and adults, telekinesis, telepathy, and many twists and turns in a harsh urban fantasy world.

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
(Recommended for readers aged 13 to 3013.)

Read all five books of Adrian Howell's Psionic Pentalogy in order:

Book One: Wild-born
Book Two: The Tower
Book Three: Lesser Gods
Book Four: The Quest
Book Five: Guardian Angel


From the Author

Lesser Gods is the third installment of the Psionic Pentalogy. This series is meant to be read in order, so if you haven't yet read the first two books, you may want to start with the first, which is Wild-born.

That said, if you're here because you already read Wild-born and The Tower, get ready for a heavier plot in the longest book of this series. Lesser Gods is a darker tale than the first two books. The inter-faction war heats up, reshaping the lives of those caught in between. You may find your opinion of some of the characters changing rapidly, and not always for the better. I certainly did when I was writing them.

Thank you again for your continued support of this story. (And please do post your reviews. No, seriously.)

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