1. A plane crashes in the deserts of North Africa.

Fourteen-year-old Billy Sterling regains consciousness to find himself alone among the wreckage.

He soon finds the body of the pilot, a celebrated war hero, and on it a cryptic map, more like a pirate’s treasure map than a serious navigational tool.

But there is no sign of the plane’s co-pilot.

Billy is confident someone will come for him.

Someone does, but not anyone he expects...

Seven years later, a mysterious stranger contacts Billy’s grieving father, George Bridger Sterling, claiming to be the lost co-pilot.

Only a few hours later, this sinister informant is found brutally murdered.

Armed with the information that Billy’s plane did not go down where he was told it had, Sterling sets out to discover the truth.

Why did the plane take a different route?

And why was Billy on board at all?

Along with an eccentric private investigator, Eric Churchill, Sterling travels into the vast and dangerous desert, forced to rely on strangers for his own survival.

But he is not the only one still looking for Billy after all these years...

'Sandstorm' is a fast-paced and evocative thriller, full of adventure and betrayal.

Praise for the author:

‘Fast-moving, well written, endlessly exciting, The Eye of Ra excellently conjures up the atmosphere of the desert’ RICHARD BUNDY

‘One of the most impressive novels I’ve read in years. The quality of writing, the characterisation, the plot twists are all excellent. But the true brilliance of the novel is the life in the desert. A stunning achievement; a book to buy and read over and over’ DAVID V BARRETT

Michael Asher served in the Parachute Regiment and SAS. A fluent Arab speaker, he has lived for years among the Bedouin peoples. He has made expeditions in many countries, always preferring to travel on foot or with animal transport. He is also the author of ‘Shoot to Kill: From 2 Para to the SAS’.

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