Shadow of the Flame

Shadow of the Flame
Many tales have been told of Krynn. Tales of warfare and ambition, darkness and light, and magic and danger. But these tales are only half the world’s story. For Ansalon, the land of Solamnic Knights and Dragon Highlords, draconians, kender, and gully dwarves, is but one part of Krynn, one small continent on a much larger planet. There are other lands besides Ansalon. In Taladas, the Faceless Emperor, finally awoken from his long sleep, is building his army. Hult and Shedara have fled to find safety, but no land is safe as Maladar rebuilds his empire from the ruins of Aurim. And they have what Maladar wants most to perfect Risen Aurim and force Taladas to bow before him—or die. Taladas once was a place known only to legend and rumor. Until now.
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