Cassie Wright, an aging porn star, is filming her finale in the industry with a whopping idea for her closure: to have sex with 600 different men in one movie. Cassie has been in the industry for years, made thousands of movies (the names of which, coming from Palahniuk's brilliant imagination, will leaving you laughing to tears), and with her once fashion-model good looks gone, she intends to go out with a bang. She's on the set, and downstairs in a roomy basement await 600 men ready to becoming noticed or re-noticed by participating in Cassie's spectacular event. The story is told through the eyes of four people. Sheila, the talent wrangler responsible for organizing the men into groups of three to attend Ms. Wright's performance; Mr. 600 who we discover is long time porn actor Branch Bacardi, an old pro with a deep history with Cassie; Mr. 72, a besotted young man named Darin bearing an armload of wilting roses and claiming to be Cassie's long lost love-child; and Mr. 137, an out-of-work TV actor who used to play detective Dan Banyon in a prime-time series until his previous gay porn work was uncovered. The men wait in the basement, covered in bronzing cream, snacking from a buffet that includes condoms, talking with each other and wondering if there's any truth to the rumor that Cassie could die from a vaginal embolism before the day is over.
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