Spellbound (The Spellbound Series Book 1)

Spellbound (The Spellbound Series Book 1)

On the surface, New York City is merely the bustling home to a staggering 8 million people from all walks of life. But there's more to the city than meets the eye; within the five boroughs exists an underworld, filled with beings that blur the line between "people" and "monsters". Among these beings are spellcasters, human beings with the power to manipulate the universe at their fingertips. Spellcasters, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, demons, and more walk the streets as everyday citizens, hiding in plain sight.

And just one of the millions of New Yorkers unaware of the city's true night life is seventeen year old Heather Santos. She leads an ordinary life, but desperately craves more adventure than even her favorite books can offer. Just when she resigns herself to another sixty years of monotony, she discovers her latent spellcaster abilities, and the world as she knows it is changed forever. On top of managing both her school and romantic lives, she soon finds herself immersed in New York City's supernatural underworld, battling other spellcasters, traveling to different realms, and getting dragged into rivalries bitter enough to swallow New York City whole as she learns the hard way to be careful what she wishes for.

Debut author Rene Lanausse emerges onto the literary scene with the first book in the Spellbound trilogy - urban fantasies brimming with heart-stopping thrills, horrifying revelations, and loving jabs at other entries in the fantasy genre.


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