The Book, the Key and the Crown

The Book, the Key and the Crown

Stori is in love with a boy who doesn't love her back. Her mother is sick and her father has gone missing. She tries to keep it all together by pursuing the mystery behind her father's disappearance---- in hopes that his return will set her life right. But the deeper she digs into her father's past, the closer she comes to life-threatening danger and, worst of all, heartbreaking disappointment. But nothing will stop her. Family is first. And she will die before she lets anything bad happen to her family. Emboldened by devotion she keeps searching and finds herself face to face with a mysterious woman who has the clues she has been looking for all along. Not only does Stori learn of her father's whereabouts she comes to discover a powerful book that was written by a philosopher of ancient times. And a secret brotherhood that is hiding this book in order to overtake her city and destroy all its families. With her newly gained knowledge and friend, Stori uncovers more secrets about herself, her father and her city. And about this holy, ancient text that has the power to change the very world and save many lives. Will she have the courage and the grace to accept the truth, will she have enough love in her heart to accept her destiny and see her quest to the end?


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