The Godlost Land

The Godlost Land
Artemis the Huntress has descended to the world. Her armies of chimera have laid waste to the five kingdoms. And those who survive under her temple's bloody rule either serve or hide. Ever since the fall of Lion's Crest Harl has been forced to run and hide knowing that his family and everyone he has ever called a friend are dead. He has hidden for five long years, torn always between his desire for vengeance and his fear. But fear has always won. After all what can one man, even a swordsman with an enchanted blade do against a goddess? All he can do in the end is survive. Then one day a dryad came to him, begging him to rescue her sister from the temple and he finally gave in to his wrath. To his desire for vengeance and his need to finally save someone. But when he did he began a chain of events he could never have foreseen. Terrible secrets and betrayals were revealed. A war for the liberation of the five kingdoms began. Harl's life was thrown into turmoil. And the gods themselves started getting involved. All for a pretty woman's tears.
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