The Great War (Surviving the Zombie Nightmare Book 5)

The Great War (Surviving the Zombie Nightmare Book 5)

Note: This is Book 5 of the Surviving the Zombie Nightmare Series

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Once upon a time experts suggested that stress could be as dangerous and deadly to humans as any combination of weaponry or viruses. There was good news and bad news to go along with that piece of information. The good news was that there was a cure for stress and treatment for the negative effect it could have on the human body. The bad news was that the bottom line requirement necessary for stress to be lessened was to get some rest.

While that last bit wasn’t given as bad news so many years ago, it presented itself as bad news in the here and now for Eric Bayne. There was a huge problem with him being able to simply lay down and get some rest. Follow Eric Bayne as his quest for salvation and survival continues in The Great War - Book 5!


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