The Inca Prophecy

The Inca Prophecy

The end of the world awaits humankind if the Inca Prophecy cannot be found . . . An eerie clue to the Prophecy lies heavily guarded beneath the Vatican. Another is hidden near the famous Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. Archaeologist Aleta Weizman and rogue CIA agent Curtis O'Connor must unearth both clues if they are to decode the prophecy's meaning – before it's too late.But time is not on their side. The Iranians are building a nuclear bomb. Israel has an itchy trigger finger. Though the world has never been closer to destruction, a powerful few are doing all they can to ensure the Inca's fabled warning will never be heard. And the CIA is hunting Weizman and O'Connor down, hell bent on silencing them forever.With trademark style and sizzling pace, the bestselling author of The Maya Codex delivers his next action-packed international tour de force.Praise for Adrain d'Hage's novels:'A provocative book in which every sort of dogma is questioned and every preconceived idea turned on its head.' Sunday Mail'A classy action thriller.' Sunday Times'A fast-paced and thrilling read.' West Australian'Chilling . . . d'Hage knows his stuff.' Sun Herald

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