The Lake of Sorrows

The Lake of Sorrows

Once a savage chieftain, Alhi has been made Pasha of Hyperus, the Ottoman Sultan's greek dominions. Alhi takes up residence in the palace of Yannina, the luxurious capital of his domain, while the citizens tremble, for he is still known to his enemies as The Beast - especially to the shadowy Greek freedom fighters who are still few and far between.

The Beast's son, who is fast becoming a man, seems set to become everything his father is, and more. But one day they both lay eyes on a greek lady of Yannina, a lady who is ... different.

She is the devoted and reclusive wife of the richest sea-faring merchant of the city, a man who is rarely at home and known as a man who is too kind for his own good. A delicate beauty, the lady often needs the attention of the city's youngest and brightest doctor, who is also summoned to be the personal physician of the Beast Pasha.

To the father, all women are little more than baubles for his harem, some too much trouble to be worth the effort in a city where fear and hatred is always seething just below the glittering surface.

But his son is still a very young man ...


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