The Lethal Flame (Flame Series Book 2)

The Lethal Flame (Flame Series Book 2)

Lord Damien LeForte is a knight for the Crown of England. Knighted by Henry II Damien is proud to serve the king, even when that crown is passed to Henry’s son, Richard I. But Richard is not prepared to forgive the knight for his part in defending Henry’s crown against him. To prove his loyalty Damien must destroy those who support Richard’s brother, Prince John. Faced with his toughest test of loyalty Damien vows he will do what he must, because those supporting John oppose the Crown Damien has dedicated his life to protect.
Growing up among the knights and squires of her father, Lady Keri Adlam is unprepared for marriage, especially to the lazy Lord Bryson. After bearing his second child Keri refuses to be a true wife to Bryson again. When the King’s men accuse Bryson of being a traitor she sees her husband for the coward he is. She finds loyalty in only a handful of knights as she faces off with the King’s men to protect her children. But her defense of her children is misconstrued as her opposition to King Richard and she finds herself forced to answer for her husband’s sins.


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