The Living Night: Part Two of a Paranormal Suspense, Horror and Vampire Series (Vampire Thriller Book 2)

The Living Night: Part Two of a Paranormal Suspense, Horror and Vampire Series (Vampire Thriller Book 2)

Plunge into grand mystery and paranormal suspense in a fantasy horror series about vampires, werewolves and other immortals by the author of the "War of the Black Tower", an epic fantasy trilogy.

When a powerful figure in the Immortal Community is killed, two vampires, Ruegger and Danielle, are forced to go on the run to find out who ordered the murder and why. The two vampires are notorious throughout the Community for only feeding on humans that deserve it ”" murderers and rapists ”" as well as other immortals.

If an immortal steps out of line and preys on undeserving humans, Ruegger and Danielle will (if they can) take them down ”" and feed from them. Thus the two are sarcastically known throughout the Community as the Marshals.

Now, in this modern day epic fantasy, to stop the world from becoming embroiled in a vicious war, Ruegger and Danielle must follow the threads of a strange conspiracy that spans continents and many races, some exotic and particularly deadly. The Dark Lord, the vampire king of the Community, may himself be involved.

˃˃˃ To find out the truth, Ruegger and Danielle will have to dodge werewolf assassins, zombies, and two especially nasty Jamaican voodoo gods.

One thing is certain: if they survive and unravel the strange heart of the mystery, the world will never be the same again.

Note: This is Part Two of a four-part series.

You can find Part One here . . .

. . . in the US:

. . . in the UK:

Scroll up and grab a copy of "The Living Night: Part Two" today!

˃˃˃ keywords: vampire, horror, supernatural action, epic fantasy, supernatural adventure, fantasy horror, urban fantasy, paranormal adventure, paranormal suspense, werewolf, fantasy adventure


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