The Power of Ages: River of Life

The Power of Ages: River of Life

The third and final book of the Power of Ages series. Erelon finally knows what and where the artifact is that he needs for his final battle against the warlocks. He must hurry to stop them as they continue to use King's Time to control ancient magic and destroy countless countries across the earth. However, in his impatience, Erelon rushes out into the world to face the enemy, where the story finally catches up to Chapter One of Book One, where we once again are faced with Erelon as the broken and crushed wizard. In his state of mental chaos, Erelon finally learns about the end of Chaucer's life, but not before Chaucer, from beyond the grave, guides him one last time. It's a race to the end, where a battle for Mortaz is waged by allies of all races for their loyalty to the one wizard, Erelon.


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