The Rogue Knight

The Rogue Knight

In 1263, the barons of England war against the king. Their knights and mercenary crossbowmen burn and pillage those loyal to the throne. It is worse in the Western Marches. There, bands of raiding Welsh, robber knights and archers roam the countryside, plundering and killing at will.

It is a ruthless era, where men of iron enforce harsh laws. At Pellinore Castle, Cord the keeper of the hounds is about to lose his hand. He wounded one of his lord’s choicest animals, a wild boar that almost trampled a little girl.

Cord is a felon’s son, living in the stronghold of the men who hanged his knightly father. Now he has been abused, mocked and threatened once too often. He turns on his tormenters, taking up the birthright his father’s enemies sought to deny him. It will be a bloody fight to the finish amid the chaos of the Western Marches.

THE ROGUE KNIGHT is set during the Second Barons’ War, written by best-selling author Vaughn Heppner.


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