The Sword of Erren-Dar (The Legend of Erren-Dar Book 2)

The Sword of Erren-Dar (The Legend of Erren-Dar Book 2)

A generation has passed since the legendary hero, Erren-dar, saved the Kingdom of Eskendria from the armies of its ancient foe, the Destroyer. Peace has been present in the Kingdom for so long now, that its people have grown careless of the fact that their enemies have not forgotten the humiliation inflicted upon them and have been recovering in secret from their defeat.
Now there is dissention within Eskendria, for the barons murmur against the high-handed arrogance of the Crown Prince and rebellion is in the wind. At this most inauspicious time, disaster strikes - the sword of Erren-dar, believed to have the power to protect the Kingdom from harm, is stolen.
The heir of Erren-dar and his companions are dispatched by the King on a mission to catch the thief and recover the sword. Their quest takes them deep into the Forsaken Lands, territory uninhabited by man in over a thousand years, where all knowledge is reduced to legend and myth.
Their journey leads them to discover that not only is an old enemy of the Kingdom planning his revenge, but he does so with the connivance of an evil and powerful being which has plans of its own for the sword.
At all costs the sword must be recovered, or all that Erren-dar fought for will be lost, and Eskendria, the last remnant of the mythical Golden Kingdom, will be destroyed for ever.


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