The Third Magic

The Third Magic
When Arthur Blessing discovered he was the reincarnation of King Arthur at age 10, destined to reclaim his throne and begin a new golden age, people started trying to kill him. Now eight years later, the teenager is still on the run.Arthur and his friends are stationed in the American Midwest, armed with plenty of protection. After all, a team of resurrected Knights knows a thing or two about combat. But nothing can prepare Arthur for what lies ahead. From descendants of evil magicians determined to spread terror, to those addicted to murder, Arthur's enemies can destroy far more than he might be able to repair. As terror strikes and the omen of death crawls closer, Arthur knows this ultimate battle will be no cakewalk. And as he starts to understand more of the importance of becoming High King, he realizes it won’t be long before he has to take on an even bigger task: For a chance at love, and for the sake of the greater good, he must determine his own destiny.
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