The Wilder (The Trouble With Magic Book 1)

The Wilder (The Trouble With Magic Book 1)

“The lingering stink of previous occupants didn’t bother Grub. That particular blend of odours was something with which he had become familiar during his short life. He’d grown accustomed to a variety of malodorous whiffs and stenches over the last few years, and recognised most of them. There was even a bizarre comfort in the skittering and squeaking of the rats who shared his cell. He envied them their freedom, their ability to cope with enclosed spaces and confining walls, their security in the knowledge that they had a way out.”

Thus are we introduced to Karryl, A.K.A. ‘Grub’, a Wilder, someone with untrained, precocious and quite precarious magical talents. Grub is sent to train under the king’s magician Symon, a fortuitous piece of luck, were it not for the thought (lurking in Symon’s mind) that maybe greater forces were manipulating the situation.

Karryl is special... perhaps he is even the almost mythical ‘Mage-Prime’, spoken of in the legends that remain from the ‘Power War of the Mages’ of almost a thousand years ago... But, that’s for the future, first he must be trained, and training a Wilder doesn't go quite as smoothly as Symon had hoped.

Join Symon and Karryl and their friends and enemies, in these exciting and magical adventures...


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