To Crown a Caesar (The Praetorian Series Book 2)

To Crown a Caesar (The Praetorian Series Book 2)

“Caesar is dead!”

These words have echoed through the streets of Ancient Rome on many occasions, but have never felt more wrong than they do in this particular instance. For a Caesar is indeed dead, neither the first, nor the last, but it is one who has been slain well ahead his time.

Pick up a history book, and it will tell you that the crazed Gaius Julius Caesar, better known as Caligula to the world, was assassinated in January of 41 A.D. But displaced time traveler Jacob Hunter would disagree with this historical fact, because he has witnessed this death years earlier and stands accused of murdering the Caesar himself. With the threat of crucifixion looming, Hunter and his friends, who had just recently sacrificed so much to defend Rome, chose exile over death, and fled the Eternal City.

Four years later, Hunter remains on the run in the hinterlands of Rome’s numerous provinces, wanted as an outlaw by the Empress Agrippina – Caligula’s sister. Throughout these long years, he and his two closest companions have been hunted by many, but remain undeterred by their challenges. Because what those who pursue them do not know is that Jacob Hunter is from the future, where his chosen calling was that of a simple, yet deadly, Navy SEAL. Equipped with advanced weaponry and the most cutting edge Special Forces training, he and his friends are not afraid of the primitive denizens of the past and will stop at nothing to return home.

But what aids them most in their quest is the gift of foresight.

Knowledge is power, as some would say, and it is with that power that Hunter devises a plan to fix all that has been broken due to their presence in the past. Caligula, as flawed an emperor as he was, should have ruled as such for years, followed by Claudius, a far more competent emperor. But now both are dead and Agrippina, the mother of Nero and a far more ruthless leader, rules in their stead. In Hunter’s mind, this breach of historical events could prove catastrophic to the timeline’s development, perhaps changing the future completely, and with it, his home.

Unable to act, years have passed waiting for the best moment to strike, but the time has finally arrived. To restore the timeline, Hunter must remove Agrippina and keep her aggressive and murderous policies from continuing. But three people, no matter how skilled and powerful they are, cannot possibly match the overwhelming might of the powerful Roman war machine. To be successful, they’ll need to be unscrupulous, and do something many may consider vile and irredeemable, because while the Empress Agrippina is certainly shrewd and ruthless, she is still a mother, and like any mother, would be devastated should anything happen to her infant son Nero…


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