To Kill a Priest: A Suspenseful Dark Fantasy Series: Part 1, Episodes 1-9 (The Priors)

To Kill a Priest: A Suspenseful Dark Fantasy Series: Part 1, Episodes 1-9 (The Priors)

Episodes 1-9

The universe is much larger than people think—with worlds spanning into infinity and human kind evolving into everything from vampires to the unknown. Are you one of these unlucky few?

Madelin is, and the government black-op agency called PASTOR knows it. To free herself from their clandestine clutches, she will have to trust an unknown godfather… the only family she has left after the agency’s murderous tendencies. As she strives to overcome her medically induced amnesia, she and her newfound friends must test the limits of this world and break them. The government has secret plans for her future if she remains… but will the next world be any better?

What others are saying about The Priors:
"If you like origin movies like X-Men or action like John Wu, this series is for you [...] The characterization and description of powers is superb. A great first novel."
~Scott Rhine, author of Jezebel's Ladder and the Gigaparsec Series

"Fans of cross-genre thrillers, suspense, science fiction, fantasy and horror should all find something to love in this book."
~Katy Sozaeva, Amazon Vine Reviewer

"His prose artistry is poetry; lyrical, vivid, and compelling, finding beauty and purpose in details others would overlook. [The only authors I can think of in any way comparable are Garth Stein and Brendan Duffy.] I could sit and savor Mr. Kincade's prose one sentence at a time; but the rapidity of the plot propels me forward like a slingshot."
~Mallory, Mallory Heart Reviews

"This is quite an amazing book. I was entirely fascinated with the storyline from start to finish."
~Trista Borgwardt, author of The Tempie Rosenthal Series

"For the record, I'm kinda chomping at the bit to pick up the next installment."
~Kelly, Reading the Paranormal

"The author's ability to craft beautiful worlds and engaging characters is at work in full force."
~Dale, The Geekdom of Gore

"I found this book to be an enjoyable mix of Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi and at it's heart it is a fun action novel with a hint of adventure that is hard to put down."
~David King, An Eclectic Bookshelf

"A thrilling and intricately written Sci-Fi novel."
~Jaidis Shaw, Juniper Grove Books

"The author spins an amazing story that is at once both unique and interesting."
~L.A. Wright, author of Splintered and The Karma Stone

"This story will keep you entertained right up until the end."
~Coral Russell, author of Amador Lockdown and Sacrifice

"This would make one hell of a movie."
~Bruce Blanchard, author of Demon's Daughter


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