Karen Moffett and Gavin Keoph are outstanding private investigators hired by Martin Burgess, a Stephen King-like blockbuster horror writer with money to burn, who wants to know if any of the supernatural stuff he writes about has any basis in reality. He wants to send Karen and Gavin to California's Mt. Shasta, a mecca for New Agers and all manner of spiritual seekers. Mt. Shasta is said to be a "vortex" of various kinds of energy - magnetic, spiritual, and "unknown." The activity there supposedly includes alien visitations, ghosts, strange physical phenomena, and Lemurians, the little people from Atlantis who are said to live inside the mountain... All of this sounds too fantastic to be true, of course, but Karen and Gavin are going to learn the very strange truth about Mt. Shasta... the question is, will they live long enough to share that truth with the world?


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