When Passion Flares (The Dark Horse Trilogy Book 2)

When Passion Flares (The Dark Horse Trilogy Book 2)
  • The second installment of THE DARK HORSE TRILOGY!

    Their secret out to their mothers, Kerri and Hunter must find new ways to be together. But their passion quickly leads them to foolish situations that may mean the end of their forbidden trysts. .

Meanwhile, not everything is as it seems behind the scenes. Disappearing money. A girl who knows too much. Warnings from the third party. The farther in love Hunter and Kerri fall, the deeper their scandal leads them.

There once was a couple who could not bridge the divide between their families... do Kerri and Hunter stand a chance, or is their future just as grim?

Please note: This is the first part in a serial and ends in a cliffhanger. Part 3, "When Romance Prevails," will be out soon! To find out when the next part has launched, please check out Cynthia's website or social media profiles.


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